Saturday, May 02, 2009

Who makes decisions for your children?

The world we live in is deteriorating by almost any measure and the last bastion of any sanity is often the family. Thus the continuous assault on parental rights by the secular left in this country and around the world. We see that take its next step in a decision by the FDA to allow "women" at age 17 (or their 17 year old male partners) to buy the so-called "Plan B" pill in case of unprotected sex. Albert Mohler had a very important and equally chilling radio show on this ruling (and a blog post), I recommend that every Christian parent listen to this and as we did invite your kids to listen as well.

The glaring issue here is that these are minors who cannot vote, cannot buy tobacco, cannot sign legal contracts and are four years from buying alcohol in the same drug store. Note that the ruling allows 17 year old boys to buy the pill for their partner.

As one caller to the Albert Mohler program pointed out, there is nothing to stop 17 year old boys and girls from buying "Plan B" pills for other minors. What is to stop a 17 year old boy from buying these pills, with no supervision, for a 14 year old he had sex with? This opens the door on a whole new world of underage sex. That is really the goal. Read this quote from a New York Times editorial (written by the NY Times editors, not a syndicated columnist):

The harder question is whether to remove all age and other restrictions, potentially allowing children as young as 11 or 12 to take the drug without medical supervision. The judge sensibly left that issue to the F.D.A., which can presumably be trusted to make a fair assessment now that it will be under new leadership. (emphasis added)

Huh, see I would think that this issue should be decided by the parents of 11 and 12 year old girls, not the FDA. I guess I am less trusting of the decision making ability of the FDA, especially in this administration. I recognize that the Times is not advocating this position, but they certainly are wondering if it shouldn't be part of the conversation to allow girls 11 and 12 years old unfettered access to over the counter contraception. When the paper that considers itself the voice of journalism, THE paper of record and it seriously entertains such questions, you see the ideological perversity of its worldview laid bare.

Why is this issue such a victory for liberals? So what if women can now buy a pill one year earlier? The greater issue here is yet another wedge driven between parents and children. Liberals have tried and failed for decades to divide parents and children, to prevent parents from passing on their counter-revolutionary morals onto their kids. With the tools of the media and public school system at their disposal already, selling contraception to kids without any medical or parental involvement is just another way for the secular left to mold kids without the pesky interference of their parents.

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