Friday, July 16, 2004

Could John Edwards be any more clueless?
Edwards complained that Bush refusing to speak before a hostile, partisan crowd at the NAACP meeting was "very unhealthy" What is really unhealthy is this mentality that the NAACP/Jesse Jackson alone can speak for and be spoken to on behalf of black Americans. Bush was absolutely right to not speak before that crowd and endure boos from a bunch of extortionists. Will John Kedwards be speaking at the Christian Coalition convention? At the NRA convention? I think not. The NAACP is nothing more than a shill for liberal blacks and woe to the black that dares stray from that party line (see succesful black role models J.C. Watts, Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell). Hooray for Bush for taking his message to black people directly rather than going to those who profit from racial division.
Reverse racism at it's finest! reports on a typical overreaction. A black student in Richmond, Virginia had been named class valedictorian. A couple of other student's parents looked into it and found that their children had virtually identical academic records, and so the school was going to recognize all three as co-valedictorians. No problem, right?
Wrong. The two other students were white, thus igniting a firestorm of controversy and cries of racism. It went so far as to generate this comment from a national NAACP spokesperson...
>>>The outrage also caused NAACP national board vice chairwoman Roslyn Brock last month to compare it to an academic "lynching."<<<
Two issues here. First, if the original valedictorian had been white and two black students had been found to have similar academic records, what do you supposed the reaction would have been? I am guessing just the opposite. The school would have been accused of a racist conspiracy and the local "civil rights activists" would have demanded at least equal recognition of the black students. Second, the use of language like "lynching" to describe this demeans the memory of those who were lynched back in the early days of the civil rights movement (back when it really was about civil rights and not about entitlements). Those people were innocents who were hung from a tree because of the color of their skin, and yet that horror is compared to a young blakc student having to share academic honors with two white students.
When will this end?