Saturday, May 16, 2009

INCH: Keynote Session 2

Freedom: Homeschools at Risk with “Change” in Government

Christopher Klicka, Senior Counsel for the Home School Legal Defense Association.

Intro by Mike Winters

Genesis 18:19

Malachi 2: 15

To be the man God wants: You must be able to teach your children and live out what God wants before them. That is all, God has commissioned us to teach our children who God is and what he requires.


Lawyers are replacing lab rats in experiments. Why? Lawyers are more plentiful than rats. The scientists were getting emotionally attached to the rats. There are just some thing a rat won’t do.

When Christ started it was only legal in five states to homeschool your children, today it is legal in all 50.

Homeschool is not a choice we make, it is what we are called. We will only retain our freedom as long as we place Christ first in our home.

Homeschooling is at risk in the Obama administration and across the country as legislatures have changed hands. The public schools are pumping out kids with values that are different than ours, the media has a worldview that is different than ours. But God will see us through this time.

What is coming up that threatens homeschools?

The UN Convention on the rights of the child. The treaty is not a foreign affairs issue, it impacts domestic policy. If ratified it will be interpreted by the judges

The philosophy of social workers is opposed to our worldview (not in every case obviously).

It will be up in large part to homeschool families to call the Senate and stop the UN Convention on the rights of the child.

Rep. Hoekstra is pushing a constitutional amendment guaranteeing the rights of parents to direct the raising and educating of their children. Has 89 co-sponsors already. See webpage below…

Our rights as parents are worth fighting for.

President Obama is trying to undo all of the good done by President Bush. Obama is pushing pro-abortion/pro-homosexual agendas and appointing people who will support that agenda. Protections in place to protect parents from governmental intrusion are under assault.

It is a “Government Knows Best” worldview.

Now some positive things. Everyone is feeling might low right now.

We have been here before. It used to be illegal to homeschool in most states.

The average homeschool family is 3.8, the average non-homeschool is 1.5. At that rate in five generations 70% of kids will be homeschooled.

The DeJonge decision. In one decision, Michigan went from one of the worst states to homeschool to one of the best. We also have some of the most aggressive social workers and truancy officers in the nation.

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