Sunday, May 31, 2009

Brave and courageous murderers?

The news today is abuzz with the shooting of late term abortionist George Tiller at church services. That this man could murder children during the week for money and then sit in a church on Sunday indicates that he exhibited some of the traits of being a psychopath.

I fear that someone took a misguided step to stop a man who made his living in large part on murdering children in the womb for profit by shooting him. We don't know yet if that is the case, but it is the most likely scenario. While I understand the horror of late-term abortion and understand the desire to stop future murders-for-profit, there is no justification for killing this man. Of course what no one will say is that if a man came across another man holding a knife to the throat of an infant, poised to cut her throat, and shot him to keep him from murdering the infant, he would be praised as a hero. Lest someone jump to conclusions and claim that I am justifying the murder of abortionist George Tiller, I am not. I am merely pointing out the twisted worldview that sees the lives of some children as more important than others based on location, in or out of the womb. To our nation's eternal shame, abortion is legal in this country and those who cherish life must work within the system to overturn the wrongly decided Roe v. Wade case and make abortion illegal. Until that day comes, we must work in non-violent ways to turn people away from abortion. God will judge George Tiller for the blood he shed.

Pro-life groups are uniformly denouncing the killing of George Tiller, a fact often buried in news reports. Details at this point are sketchy but that is not stopping the media from jumping to conclusions, nor is it stopping one of the High Priestesses of the bloody cult of choice from trying to score political points in support of her lucrative business.

Nancy Keenan, president of abortion-rights group NARAL Pro-Choice America, issued a statement praising Tiller's commitment.

"Dr. Tiller's murder will send a chill down the spines of the brave and courageous providers and other professionals who are part of reproductive-health centers that serve women across this country. We want them to know that they have our support as they move forward in providing these essential services in the aftermath of the shocking news from Wichita," Keenan said.

What sends a chill down my spine is that someone who murders unborn children can be labeled "brave and courageous". It is awfully brave to coldly kill a unborn child and to collect a paycheck for doing it. Men like George Tiller should be put on trial, not on a pedestal.

The news will be filled with comments of how hypocritical it is for someone to murder a man in the name of life, never once noting how hypocritical it is for someone who profits from murder to denounce murder.

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Dusty Chris said...

Amen. It's hard to know how to respond to the murder of someone who is evil.

It's interesting this person was in a church in the first place. Was there no sermons against abortion at this man's church. Shame on that church for not condemning his profession of murder for hire.

Then again, murder is never right, even if the murderee is evil to the core. It's hard to know WJWD.