Friday, May 01, 2009

Reaping what was sown

Last fall, many self-described evangelical Christians and around half of all Roman Catholics voted for Barack Obama. With the announcement of Supreme Court Justice David Souter’s retirement we are left with the specter of what could have been and what will be.

Had John McCain won, I can be sure that he would have nominated a less conservative person to fill this vacancy than I would have but certainly whoever Senator McCain nominated would have been more conservative than the arch-liberal President Obama is going to nominate. Justice Souter has been a consistent liberal vote on the court and his nomination is one of the many disappointments of the first Bush presidency. With his retirement and a hypothetical GOP administration, the final vote needed would be within reach to overturn Roe v Wade. Instead we have the most far left President we have seen in my lifetime who is a devoted follower in the blood soaked legacy of Margaret Sanger and a defender of America as an enabler of state sanctioned mass murder.

Instead of seeing Roe v Wade rightly fall, we now will see what the fruit of the Obama election really is. I am discussing the slide into socialism we are seeing on The Arsenal of Liberty, but from a sanctity of life point of view this is a major blow. Expect President Obama, emboldened by his rock star popularity, the cover provided by his adoring fans in the “press” and a virtually filibuster proof Senate to nominate a leftist ideologue, someone who will be a rabid supporter of the make-believe “right to choose” decision Roe v. Wade. Expect Obama to name a young, far left female candidate who will be able to serve on the court for perhaps the next 30 years. There are other issues that will be impacted by this move for decades, from homosexual “marriage” to property rights, but all of the rest take a backseat to the genocidal, profit-driven sacrifice of innocent children on the altar of “choice”.

Make no mistake. The votes cast by people who name the name of Christ last fall for Barack Obama will enable more abortions to be performed in this country and the conscience of those who made that choice should be heavy with the ramifications of what they wrought in a vain attempt to protect their own pocketbooks.


Steve Martin said...

That self professed Christians allow themselves to be scared by 'the left' into voting for these "Godless" leftist, politicians, just blows my mind.

It's just brainwashing of the ignorant.

Debbie said...

I'm certainly not happy that Obama is choosing a supreme court nominee. Just as he is not an accurate representative of me in other areas, he will not choose a nominee that I would choose. But really, there's a much bigger issue here - what does God want? I can't remember the reference, but the Bible says that no ruler is in authority against God's will, and that God directs the heart of the king as He wishes. Even though I don't understand right now why God allowed Obama to be elected, He did. As much as I don't like what Obama and the others who rule over us are doing, it is part of God's sovereign will. Maybe the question isn't so much how so many professing Christians could be so deceived as how so many of the "undeceived" could have so little influence on their culture. Maybe we're too much like Lot - so assimilated into our (evil) culture that we haven't even made disciples of 6 people outside of our immediate families. (Looking in the mirror here, and not liking what I see.)

I wonder what would happen - how God would move - if His people got on their faces before Him and prayed for a godly man to become the next supreme court justice. Let's be like Esther, and find out!

Just sharing what's been going through my mind tonight,

Arthur Sido said...


Certainly the current President is in office as a soveriegn act of God but I think part of what is going here is that God's people are trying to preach conservatism before preaching the Gospel. Devoid of the changed heart, a person will always do what is in their self-interest, so little wonder that so many unregenerate "church goers" voted their pocketbooks last fall.