Saturday, May 16, 2009

INCH: Worshop Six

Preserving Educational Freedom…Michigan at the crossroads

James Muffett

How did we get where we are as a nation?
The Greatest Story Never Told

- “To destroy a people, you must first sever them from their roots” Alexander Solzhenitsyn
- Our history books tell us a story that Christians were the cause of all the evils in America, but never tell about the wonderful things that Christians that Christians in America brought to the world.
- The 1828 Webster’s dictionary defines terms in the way that the founding fathers defined them rather than the twisted way they are defined today.
- Education for the first 150 in American history was conducted primarily in the home using the Bible and biblically based textbooks.
- The Boston Latin school was established in 1636 to make sure that kids could read the Bible
- 1647 in Mass. Every town with fifty or more people had to pool into a school “the old deluder law”. The purpose was to make sure that people could read the Bible and thus thwart the “old deluder” i.e. Satan.
- 106 of the first 108 universities in this country were established by Christians to train ministers.
“Cursed be all that learning which is contrary to the cross of Christ:” Rev Dickenson, Princeton University
- Education was a sowing process that produces reaping
- The same people who were long haired hippies in the 60’s are running education, government, entertainment, media and business.
- “…A Republic must either preserve its virtue or lose its liberty” John Witherspoon

John Wycliffe, by the people, of the people and for the people

America’s providential history

Deu 32:7

Psalm 143:5

What is a fair assessment of where we are?

We live in a war of worldviews

John Dewey , the founder of modern progressive education in this century, signer of the humanist manifesto: “We find insufficient evidence for the belief in the existence of a supernatural. It is either meaningless or irrelevant”

Karl Marx Nowadays in our evolutionary conception of the universe there is absolutely no room for a Creator

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, “Freedom without restraint”

Preserving Our Educational Freedom

What we are doing now is planting seeds now for the next generation. It is more than just keeping them out of the polluted system. It is a greater vision.

Back in the day we lived in a virtual police state. Homeschoolers had to hide their kids during the schoolday. We have won many victories in Michigan to win freedom for home education. Under Governor Engler, Michigan went from one of the worst states to one of the best states to homeschool our kids. Many others went through many trials to win back the rights to raise our own kids.

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty

John Stryker, millionaire homosexual activist in Kalamazoo

Prior to 2006, committee chairs were 17% liberal, they are now 87% liberal

It is on in Michigan!

Abortion bills, start kindergarten earlier, raise mandatory attendance to 18, register all homeschool, expand sex ed and contraception down to middle school

If you do not take an interest in politics, politics will take an interest in you!

What do we do going forward?

Jesus and Civil Government

Mark 12: 13-17

(Render under to Caesar what is Caesars yes but my children do not belong to Caesars!)

Romans 13: 1-7

Politics Redefined

14 billion of a 40 billion budgets goes to K-12. Homeschool or not, we are citizens of this state.

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