Saturday, May 16, 2009

INCH: Closing Thoughts

Some closing thoughts

All very encouraging. The speakers were OK and the vendors were good. I am kind of thinking that rather than a million different sessions, some of which were clearly mediocre, we would have been better off with fewer, but better sessions, and more time with vendors.

The facilities are not great. Not enough parking, not enough places to eat. The chairs in the main hall are so uncomfortable that if they had them at Guantanamo Bay, Nancy Pelosi would deny every being told about them. The acoustics were kind of bad. Not a great facility.

Need more time with vendors. Did I say that?

Would love to see someone like Voddie Baucham speak.

The children’s program was fun for the kids and made it way easier for parents to pay attention knowing that their kids were cared for and safe.

But it is nonetheless great to spend two days with tons of people who come at life and parenting from the same basic worldview. It was very encouraging, gave us a lot to think about. We saw people like our friends John & Debbie we hadn’t seen in a while and met lots of new people. The older kids helped out and they seemed to really enjoy that. My older girls especially liked what they heard in the sessions about purity and courtship topics. We are all looking forward to next year!

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