Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Man up? Heck no, just sue 'em!

I haven't commented on the whole kerfuffle with Tyler Frost the kid at the Christian school in Findlay, Ohio who defied the school rules and went to a prom with his girlfriend. I figure the kid made a decision and he will face the consequences. Then I read this from his interview on CBS this morning:

Despite this, Frost has no regrets, saying that attending his special lady's prom was both "worth the risk" and "the right decision." Frost's stepfather was also there for the interview. He didn't say much before leaving in the middle of the discussion, but he did mention that a lawsuit against the school is in the works.

So we are going to send our kid to your school (an optional private school, one they chose), because (I assume) of the very atmostphere that you would expect to find at a Christian school. When the kid is in danger of running afoul of the school rules which seem pretty clear and all involved agreed to and gets a warning of the consequences ahead of time, he chooses instead to go to the prom anyway. OK, that is his call. He knows the rules, he knows the consequences and he goes anyway. Fine, man up and take the consequences. Oh wait, it is America and in America today we don't raise boys to be men and take responsibility. We teach them to defy the rules and when they get called on the carpet instead of manning up they choose to sue.

Set aside for a second the issue of a ban on dancing. Whether that is right or wrong is irrelevant. If you didn't want your kid in an environment where they will be educated under strict rules, why did you send your kid to a Christian school in the first place? To try to make them a more moral person? To learn Christian values? Either way, that is undone by suing the school for enforcing their own rules and standing by them. So here is the lesson this kid is learning from his parents: the rules that apply are only the ones that you like and if a rule somewhere that you voluntarily and knowingly associated with is not to your liking, flaunt it and if they protest sue them!

Great life lesson for this kid. He will do great in America.


Anonymous said...

I just came across this this afternoon. The kid (and stepdad) implied that they didn't realize the rules extended beyond school grounds and hours. If that is true, then I don't necessarily think suing is the answer, but I would agree that the school overstepped its bounds. But I have a feeling that the school was probably pretty clear in its contract. I had friends who went to a school like this, and you had to sign a contract saying you wouldn't go to a movie theater or listen to any secular music. If you ask me, that is the parents' responsiblity--not the school's, whether public or private. But if they knowingly entered into such a contract, I don't see how they have grounds to sue.

Arthur Sido said...

Since the rules forbid rock music (which certainly wouldn't be played at this school) and dancing (which also wouldn't occur on school grounds), I am pretty sure that this kid and his stepdad knew full well what the rules meant and chose to attend there anyway. I just don't get what the mindset is on their part, if you don't want to abide by those rules, don't go to that school. If you don't want to hear Catholic teaching, don't go to a Catholic school, etc. etc.

Just a sad situation all around.

Steve Martin said...

The way of the 'left'.

Do not build your own...tear down someone else's.