Thursday, May 14, 2009


Reformed SHEology: They're Not Really People At All

Jennifer at Reformed SHEology posted a great piece on how human beings have objectified and dehumanized one another to make it easier to mistreat and murder each other for generations. Even in our open-minded and enlightened era it still goes on as she links the mindset that allowed slavery, the Holocaust and now abortion to exist in what otherwise would be civil societies. Little wonder that the proponents of "choice" fight attempts to help women make an educated "choice" because the more you think about it, the more reprehensible it becomes and that impacts the bottom line of Planned Parenthood. We can't allow that, so keep women in the dark and discourage them from thinking about it (at least until they have the abortion and their check clears the bank)

Thought provoking and troubling, but also vital reading. Give it a read.

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Steve Martin said...

Excellent article.

Thanks for sharing it, Arthur!