Friday, May 15, 2009

INCH: Workshop 1

Homeschooling for such a time as this

Skeet Savage

“I don’t see homeschooling as an option” This is God’s mandate.

- We must understand the times to understand why homeschooling is for such a time as this.

- Immorality has gone mainstream. How did we get here?

- This is the fruit of years of value neutral, Godless education. Governmental education has a different approach and goal than Christian education. We need to understand history. Homeschooling was once persecuted in this country.

- Will the Son of Man find faith in your house, in your children, in you? The test of the Christian is that the world will hate you.

- We have been called out of government schools, called for a purpose, to raise up a people to witness to a lost and dying world.

- What are your children learning from you, holiness or covetousness? What is the purpose of education, is it to get a job to get money to buy stuff?

- Are you homeschooling for the glory of God?

- Homeschooling is a means by which is disciple our children until Christ is fully formed in them.

- You can’t have a prayerless homeschool. It is a “one anothering” homeschool, we cannot homeschool like the world homeschool.

- Homeschooling is how we train our children to be about the Fathers business and nothing else.

- We cannot just be concerned about me and mine, it is not a head in the sand approach. We must be aware of the challenges that face us in such a time as this.

- God intended for us to feel a little overwhelmed when you hold that baby for the first time.

- Some see homeschooling as a political movement. To God it is not a political movement.

Skeet is a pioneer of sorts, she was homeschooling her kids in the 70’s or as she said I was a homeschooler when homeschooling wasn’t cool!

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