Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So the Supreme Court of California has decided to uphold the Proposition 8 ban on gay marriage but is allowing homosexuals who already are "married" under the "right" created out of thin air by the same court can stay "married". So it is OK to ban gay marriage but if you already have gotten married under a now outlawed provision, you are still married? Way to make a hot button issue even more muddled. 18,000 gays are married in California but now homosexuals can't get married in the future?

This just begs for a national referendum and amendment to either allow it or not.

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gloria said...

Yeah, I read that online this morning. Uggh. I am glad that the Supreme Court held up the vote, but at the same time ....

This is a tough issue, and it is tearing our nation apart. For Christians, there is no middle ground here.

Reminds of the time before the civil war.....

God bless,