Saturday, May 30, 2009

More on the USA Today report

Voddie Baucham has an interesting take on the USA Today report that I blogged about earlier. He sees a different issue with the report. I didn't realize that there was an undercurrent that was painting homeschool as a new hobby for rich, white families but as Voddie points out homeschooling is rising among all races, not just whites, but the report makes it sound like it is a white phenomenon. Why would anyone try to turn this into a class and race issue? Perhaps those who have a vested interest in seeing as many kids forced into the public school system under the watchful eye of union teachers and education bureaucrats. Who might benefit from that? Perhaps the NEA and the Department of Education who produced this report.

Always follow the money, especially when you are dealing with the media and the government.

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Benjamin Dennis said...

I'm a strong backer of most anything Baucham says, and as a home school parent myself, I can see where he's coming from.
We will ultimately have to fight for our rights, as such. The time is quickly coming.