Thursday, May 14, 2009

INCH starts tomorrow

We are helping with the vendor set-up today, but the INCH conference starts tomorrow. Here is a sampling of the sessions we are going to (some together and some separately to maximize our attendance)...

FREEDOM: Homeschools At Risk with “Change” in Government
Chris Klicka, attorney for the Home School Legal Defense Association

This talk is a wake up call for all homeschoolers to be ready at a moment’s notice for action. Chris will give a bird’s eye view of what is happening in Washington D.C. and around the country in the state legislatures, as he reports on the current battle grounds and issues of the day. We'll talk about the dangers facing homeschools, looking especially at the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child waiting to be ratified by the US Senate. Chris will demonstrate how it would destroy parental rights in America and explain what you can do. He will discuss the make-up of Congress and the new administration, along with their philosophies and possible attempts to remove protections for homeschools in federal education legislation.

FAMILY: The ‘HOME’ in Homeschooling
Todd Wilson, The Family Man

Since the beginning of time, family has been the keystone in God’s plan for the transmission of truth and redemption. Because of that, families have also become a primary target for the enemy’s attack. But don’t lose heart; God has given us each other so that we can stand strong against the bombardment. Join Todd prepared to laugh, feel encouraged, and be challenged in YOUR distinct role within your family, within the homeschooling community, and within the larger Body of Christ. United we stand, but divided…we fall.

Parents’ Rights… A Crisis is Coming by William Wagner

In 1923, the United States Supreme Court ruled that parents have the fundamental right to direct the education and upbringing of their children. So why are parental rights suddenly endangered? Hear how the Supreme Court and our nation’s lower courts are failing to hold parental rights to the same legal standard as fundamental rights like speech and press, and how European court decisions on children’s rights are influencing our U.S. judicial system. There are three threats to parental rights that involve the political right, political left, and international law, and a solution has been proposed that will be the battle of the century for home schoolers and other pro-family forces. Come hear about the next biggest threat to our homeschool freedom and what you can do about it.

Training Boys To Be Godly Men by Kenneth Knott

Presented by a homeschooling father of six boys, this workshop is for fathers interested in taking a more active role in raising their own sons toward biblical masculinity and maturity. Practical advice is offered in the way of capitalizing on the strengths of other like-minded men so that sons experience a plurality of leadership in which fathers play a central role. Education is presented as natural, engaging, and a source of intimate joy for fathers and sons together. This workshop will challenge, inform, and leave you encouraged!

Our older kids are going to some sessions as well like...

Can Girls Have Guys as Friends? by Phylicia Duran

Saying you’re committed to purity is one thing… but how do you actually walk that out? Often girls are at a loss as to how they should go about friendships with young men before they are of the age to marry. Join us for an honest discussion about modesty, flirtation, relationships with guys, and the differences between relationships during your high school years and afterward.
(we know Phylicia from up north and she has a great blog for teens and young adults, A Quill and Inkwell)

Learning Faithfulness to Your Future Spouse by Tom Houck

When should a person begin to be faithful to his or her future spouse - before or after they know who they are? The Bible has a lot to say on this subject! Not knowing who their future spouse is, doesn’t give anyone the right to be unfaithful. If you are old enough – that person already exists. Therefore, having a romantic relationship with anyone who is not God’s specific person for you means you are not only being unfaithful to your future spouse, you are causing someone else’s future spouse to also be unfaithful. Learn how to be emotionally faithful, which is the first step to being physically faithful. If a person has not followed these principles, they are not alone. Learn how to follow God’s principles from now on, how to conquer discouragement, prevent further damage, and receive God’s forgiveness!

Sounds pretty educational and encouraging. Look for updates tomorrow and Saturday between sessions and vendor hall shopping!

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