Monday, March 21, 2011

An urgent call for help

My fried James has an urgent call for help for a very young orphan with Downs Syndrome, If you were an orphan, would you want help? Help an orphan today!

Ever since this little boy has been brought to my attention, his situation has burdened my heart greatly. I suppose, due to my line of work, I have a propensity to advocate for the "little guy" or the "underdog." I believe it might be just more than the vocational essence driving me though. I believe it is because the underdog status resonates with me, in my spirit, very deeply. Andrey S., is a child with Down Syndrome. He is currently in an Ukrainian orphanage. At the age of 4 he is currently in line to be transferred to a 'mental institution' where most children (90%) do not make it through the 1st year. The conditions are poor, the social interaction is very little, and the digression of their condition is drastic. The cost to help out this child ranges from $20k to $25k on average.

Please hop over to Deliver Detroit to read more about Andrey. It takes someone of exceptional faith and strength to care for an orphan with special needs but you can help facilitate that with a donation to help him.

You might wonder, maybe we could use our resources to help a "normal" child, one who has a better chance of a fruitful and productive life instead of a special needs kid. I understand the question but I would propose that our works are not predicated on which are the most efficient or most likely to "succeed". Every orphan is a child in need, every orphan a child we are called to care for. Please take a look at what James has written and what you are willing to give or do to help this precious child

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