Thursday, March 10, 2011

Islam is not our enemy

There goes Dave Black, getting all radical again. This time he is suggesting that we should be serving the world, even our enemies, even….Islam!

Today God is calling every Christian to bondservant service to the world, even among our enemies. Please, please stop denouncing Islam. God is not interested in your demagoguery. He is looking for a lifetime of humble, behind-the-scenes service to the persecuted church -- and to its persecutors. Denounce Islam all you want, but that won't make a whit of difference unless you are willing to put your own life on the line. Today God is calling out an army of radicals who will feel His heartbeat and accept His call to live a life of Christian servanthood. (Thursday, March 10, 9:10 AM)

Praying for the persecuted church and for the persecutors of the church? How peculiar, how illogical, how….un-American! Ah, but how Christ-like it is!

I am concerned that many, many Christians view Muslims as an enemy to be feared and fought instead of a people to be loved. In the world of political conservatism where I and most other evangelical Christians dwell, there is a vocal group that sees a jihadist behind every Muslim and an enemy to be defeated with a cross around our neck and an M-16 in our hands. While we suffer through the absolutely silly “hearings” on Islamic radicalization on Capitol Hill with the approval and affirmation of many Christians, here and there throughout the world His people are taking the Gospel to Muslim lands, counting the worth of one saved soul as more valuable than their own life.

Islam is no greater a threat to the Kingdom of God than any other false belief system. Islam is no more a threat than atheism, mormonism, Hinduism, Buddhism, universalism or dare I say nominal Christianity. The Muslim imam preaching jihad is probably less of a threat than the false prophet in a suit and tie standing behind a pulpit preaching prosperity or easy-believism or hatred of our “enemies”. Ultimately none of these false belief systems are a real threat. His Kingdom is assured, His victory is already won and nothing can stand against it. Not one of His elect sheep will be lost. Why are we so eager to volunteer as soldiers to fight a war that He has not called us to? I think our real Enemy smiles when God’s people beat the drums of war and hate others because they hate us.

Are you afraid of dying in a terrorist act? If you are a Christian, you have already died. We have died to self and been made anew, born-again as a new creature. The old man, the man who clings to this life, is dead and has been replaced by a new man. The Christian has nothing to fear from a suicide bomber. What can they do to us? Take our life? It is not ours in the first place. Kill us? Kill me and I will be in the presence of Christ. Praise God!

I have no interest in defeating Islam. I am more concerned with overcoming my own pride, my own self-interest, my own notions of my “rights”. My own weakness and unfaithfulness is a greater barrier to me serving Christ than a thousand jihadists.


norma j hill said...

Right on!!!

Anonymous said...

agree our only door to the enemy, is me , myself, and I
jesus love all the world including mohammad himself. jesus loves all people. he only hate iniquity