Thursday, March 10, 2011

Duck Season! Wabbit Season! Duck Season! Wabbit Season!

So in our ever growing menagerie, we have several White Pekin ducks that we are raising as meat birds. I am pretty sure I have never prepared duck before and as they rapidly grow I am wondering what I am going to do with them. Anyone have any experience with cooking/roasting ducks? I assume you just roast the whole thing? It is kind of mean to think of eating them now because they are still small and kind of cute but that is wearing off quickly as they grow in size and stinkiness.

Any suggestions on how to cook a duck?


Unknown said...

We have made this recipe.

Here is Juia Child's Orange duck recipe

And this blog is chock full of good traditional preps for ducks.
Have fun! We want ducks someday.
But it may need to wait till next year. We have huge adoption news that will be breaking on Sunday!

Arthur Sido said...

Excited to hear the news when it comes out! The nice thing is that we only had to order 10 ducks, but it still was pretty expensive.