Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Radical Together

I have finished up (more or less) David Platt's new book, Radical Together, and was quite pleased with it. I am going to post a review later but I wanted to share several noteworthy quotes that are especially interesting given that David ministers in a fairly traditional church setting. I will say that I was pleased with the book and liked it even better than the first Radical book and it certainly seems that this whole line of thinking can go a long way to helping many churches start to get outside of the traditional evangelical box and start really serving Christ. I will be posting quotes throughout the day and then the review itself either tonight or tomorrow.


Alan Knox said...

I know that I should probably look back through your posts or at least search, but I'm too lazy, so I'm just going to ask:

Did you read the original Radical? If so, are you going to compare the two books?


Chad said...

I was wondering how you were going to respond to this book since, as you said, David is a megachurch pastor. From following Platt on Facebook and keeping up with Brook Hills on their global initiative blog, it seems that they are really out to prove what a great force for good a huge church can be. They really seem to be about the business of discipleship over there, and equipping their members to make much of God's glory throughout the earth. Looking forward to reading it myself. Looking forward to your review as well.

Arthur Sido said...

Alan, yes I did ( and not really. Radical was more about individuals and Radical Together looks more corporately. Same basic gist, different application.

Arthur Sido said...


one of my main take-aways from the book is that, while not perfect, I think that if every church and every pastor had the same vision and willingness to abandon their traditions as Platt and Brook Hills, I would have a lot less to blog about!