Friday, March 25, 2011

What are my Reformed brothers going to do?

What happens when Rob Bell fades away into obscurity as he invariably will or the emerging church movement completely dies off? Who is going to be the target of our wrath, the bogeyman that every problem in society and especially every problem in the church can be blamed on? What will we do?

Perhaps one day, when those windmills have been thoroughly tilted, my Reformed brothers and I can turn our discerning gaze upon our own house and see the problems we have inherited, created and embraced for five hundred years: institutionalism, hierarchicalism, clericalism, ritualism. The generally unloving manner in which we treat and even refer to brothers in Christ. Our determination to win theological battles on the internet instead of feeding the poor. Our drive to win Christians to Reformed theology instead of winning lost people to Christ.

If that day came, we could clean our own house, cast out our own idols and remove every barrier that we have erected that impedes us from following Christ.


Don't worry, we can always find a new target to keep our attention away from the problems in our own house. We'll always have the Anabaptists to kick around!


Les said...

Some of them are coming after you.

Seems that some of out Reformed brothers have all the answers.

Arthur Sido said...

That is good stuff Les. You can expect that a response is forthcoming!

Mr. VonDoloski said...

The camel people from TBN will always be here for us Arthur. But your point is well taken.