Monday, March 14, 2011

A Moving Video From Haiti

Watch this video of orphans saying good-bye to their parents. It is posted by Doug Phillips from the Vision Forum and while I have serious issues with some of their stances, especially their embrace of militarism as a virtue, I appreciate what Doug is doing here.

Rescue Haiti's Children: Haiti's Orphans Get a Mountain-Top Memorial Service For Their Parents from Douglas Phillips on Vimeo.

For many of these orphans, life has been a year long struggle to adapt and survive. I would imagine that they have had little time to grieve their loss. It seems unlikely but it is quite possible that the future of Haiti is largely going to be carried out by orphans. May we not forget the people behind the doctrine and make it our mission to aid them in the name of Jesus Christ.


Chad said...

Great video...thanks for posting.

As a random of the things that I appreciate about what Vision Forum is doing, is the way that they are raising the bar in terms of the quality of their productions. It's great to see a Christian video production that looks this good, and displays some real artistic chops. I think that is one of the things that makes the Nooma videos from Rob Bell so appealing to so many people. Especially young and easily influenced people. They look great. Nice to see that Rob Bell isn't the only one that can produce a beautiful, moving video.

Arthur Sido said...

Chad, I noticed that too. the video quality is incredible. It almost didn't look real it was so well done! VF does a lot with film making which might explain the high production quality on display.

Chad said...

Wondering if you are familiar with the work of Darren Doane? He's the guy who produced the Collision documentary with Doug Wilson and Christopher Hitchens. I found this... Under the film making tab there's an interview with him...looks like he's trying to raise the bar in Christian film making as well.

Just wanted to pass that along.

Arthur Sido said...


Never heard of him but I will check it out!