Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Which comes first: Planting Churches or Making Disciples?

It seems that the traditional paradigm is that we find a place that we think needs a new church for a variety of reasons and then sending a church planter to plant a church. Once the church is planted, then the work of making disciples starts. The church plant already has a particular character before the first disciple is made.

What if we flip that around? If we go into an area and start making disciples, it seems that they naturally will form local churches. In this model the church planter is more evangelist than organizer. As a few disciples are made, the church is planted but the end result in terms of form is not set in stone.

Which is correct or should we not try to distinguish between the two?

(This was sparked by an interesting Q&A with J.D. Payne at Ed Stetzers blog)


Steve Scott said...

How did the apostles do it?

Arthur Sido said...


Aren't we more advanced than the apostles?