Sunday, May 09, 2010

Wedding Review: James and Rachel Lee

I figure since I do book reviews, movie reviews, conference reviews, etc. why not do a wedding review? So here is a review of the wedding of my brother James Lee and my sister Rachel who were married yesterday. I thought about live-blogging the wedding but my wife nixed that idea.

We haven't been to very many non-Catholic weddings. I was convinced for a long time that the chicken dance was specifically described in the Bible somewhere. So I was very interested to see what it would look like, especially given James' passion for the Gospel proclaimed and lived. I was not disappointed.

What I appreciated most about this wedding was....

a) It was Gospel focused. Unlike most weddings which are a fluffy exercise of civil religion, this wedding was saturated in the Gospel to the point of laying out the desperate need of sinners for a Savior right in the ceremony. I think some people might think that is odd. After all, this is the bride's day! Not for this couple. Every day is for Christ and His glory and when you have a mixed audience as you invariably do at a wedding, what better time to go through an exposition of Biblical marriage and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I can say with confidence that none of the unregenerate who were in attendance were mistaken about what the Gospel is. The results are up to God but the wedding was a powerful witnessing opportunity.

b) The church gathered to celebrate a marriage, not just by showing up with a present but by really putting on the wedding. The photographs, the ceremony itself, the meal were all provided in large part by the church, not by professionals. Probably won't show up in a photo shoot in bridal mags but it was genuine and beautiful and most importantly God-honoring in a way a $30,000 "professional" wedding could never be.

So I can say that this was not merely two people getting married but was a gathering to celebrate marriage and praise the name of Jesus Christ. Congrats to James and Rachel, may your marriage be fruitful with children and may it serve as a witness to the world!

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