Saturday, May 08, 2010

From the Foreword to The Naked Anabaptist

My copy of The Naked Anabaptist arrived yesterday and even though I am trying to finish up another book, I couldn't help reading the foreword. I liked this quote, referring to the death of Christendom:

It's not that we are in any sense pleased with the morally bankrupt form of secularism that has replaced Christendom's reign in the West. It's just that we believe the "church militant and triumphant" bore little resemblance to the church God established through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. And now, having left the Egypt of Christendom, we must prepare ourselves for a long and difficult journey in the wilderness

- Gregory Boyd, foreword The Naked Anabaptist

I like the imagery he employs of leaving the Egypt of Christendom. I am very interested in what this book has to say and what I can learn from it. I am a little concerned about the underlying theological slant of the book but that is not dissuading me from reading it. You will be hearing more about it soon.

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