Saturday, May 15, 2010

Best of the week entry 2

Comes in a colorfully titled post by Seth McBee Church Programs Suck. Seth takes on the programmatic nature of many churches and talks about why the very programs designed to simulate Christian fellowship and mission actually hamper what the church is supposed to be about:

Maybe we should just see how God has called us to be as the church, instead of trying to make the church an organization that is open for business and we go there to be taught and trained. Maybe we only go as the gathered church once a week to hear the great news of the gospel of grace and the rest of the week we live that out. Maybe this is exactly how Jesus did this and exactly how the apostles did it. Maybe this is why they had so much time to focus in on making disciples instead of memorizing the correct answer that the group leader will ask from the handout he emailed to us. Maybe this is why the church in America is so stagnant. Maybe this is why people hate the church. Maybe we should stop calling the building the church and understand that we are the church. Maybe we should understand that worship doesn't only happen when at that ugly building, but happens all throughout the week as we live our lives.

Good thoughts from Seth and no punches are pulled. Give it a look.

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