Tuesday, May 04, 2010

In a surprise to no one

In the ever-instructive religious news of the day, the ELCA reinstates a homosexual couple to the clergy.

A gay Atlanta pastor and his partner who have been at the center of a battle over the treatment of gay clergy by the nation's largest Lutheran denomination are being reinstated to the denomination's clergy roster, church officials announced Tuesday.

The Rev. Bradley Schmeling and his partner, the Rev. Darin Easler, have been approved for reinstatement, the Chicago-based Evangelical Lutheran Church in America said in a news release. The approval came roughly eight months after the denomination voted to allow gays and lesbians in committed relationships to serve as clergy, and just weeks after the ELCA's church council officially revised the church's policy on gay ministers.

This sort of thing is quickly ceasing to be even noteworthy. I wonder what the ELCA will do when it runs out of self-destructive and sinful behavior to embrace? The message of the ELCA certainly is not the Gospel. When you run headlong to prove how progressive you are by embracing sin, eventually the very people you attract with a message of sin without consequences will find other outlets.

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