Saturday, May 08, 2010

Best of the week entry 3

Looking back on my dealings with KJV-Only folks, I dug up this post: Was Spurgeon KJVO? and especially this quote from Pyromaniacs last year:

We don't normally delve into the debate over Bible versions. The issue seems to attract people who are overzealous or slightly unhinged—and always in a bad mood. Besides, James White's The King James Only Controversy covers all the important ground far better than we could ever say it in blog-post-sized bites.

I agree with Phil regarding the mindset of many of the most fervent King James Only evangelists. They kind of remind me of a lot of Ron Paul supporters. Ron Paul has some great ideas but his biggest weakness is that his most ardent supporters are by and large crackpots. The King James translation is a lovely translation but it gets tainted by frothing at the mouth fundies.

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Unknown said...

We tend to appreciate the KJV over most other translations, especially the NIV. That said though, it makes me ill the way the strict kjvers "froth" as was so eloquently said, about its being the one and only.
I say, if they want to be so hard line, then they need to buckle down and learn Hebrew and Greek, and stick with that.

The very basic points that are made about it being a particularly good translation are fairly sound, but they literally make a RELIGION out of it.

These are often the same ones that make a huge fuss about wine actually being grape juice.
Scuse me? I had no idea that they had refridgerators in the desert back then, lol!

Unknown said...

Not his most ardent supporters... only the most vocal. ;)