Saturday, May 29, 2010

Best of the week entry 3

Comes from Desiring God and is part of a series on prosperity preachers. In this entry, the concern is Uphold the Value of Suffering. I am reprinting the whole post:

The New Testament not only makes clear that suffering is necessary for followers of Christ, it is also at pains to explain why this is the case and what God’s purposes in it are. These purposes are crucial for believers to know. God has revealed them to help us understand why we suffer and to bring us through like gold through fire.

In Let the Nations Be Glad, in the chapter on suffering, I unfold these purposes. Here I will only name them and say to the prosperity preachers: Include the great biblical teachings in your messages. New believers need to know why God ordains for them to suffer.

1. Suffering deepens faith and holiness.
2. Suffering makes your cup increase.
3. Suffering is the price of making others bold.
4. Suffering fills up what is lacking in Christ’s afflictions.
5. Suffering enforces the missionary command to go.
6. The supremacy of Christ is manifest in suffering.

I love that. The idea that God promises to bless us with security, money and health in this life flies in the face of what Scripture teaches us. You should check out the whole series on prosperity preachers and if you know anything about Piper you have a pretty good idea where he comes down on the topic!

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