Wednesday, June 01, 2011


I am thinking about trying to organize a youth/young adult Bible study in our area and I am looking for suggestions on study guides/curriculum to use as a basis for the meetings.

I am NOT interested in most of the fluffy Bible studies that are targeted at this age group. I want something substantive and challenging, something that will stretch minds. I don't think that we need to dumb down our teaching for youth and younger adults. For those that are believers I think that they will rise up to the level of the material. We don't need to dumb it down, we need to challenge them to rise up.

The one curriculum I am looking at is Paul Washer's One True God. It is an intense study of the doctrine of God. Who is He and what has He revealed about Himself in His Word? A shaky understanding of the person and nature of God is a serious problem in the church and this might be worthwhile to help think through the topic. Has anyone heard of/used something similar?


Alan Knox said...


Please don't take this question as being flippant... it's a serious question.

Why not just study Scripture?


Arthur Sido said...

I thought about that as well, working through John's Gospel?

Alan Knox said...

Sure, although any book would be a good study. One of my friends recently started a study for teenagers. They are studying a few weeks ahead of what the church is studying together (although there are also teenagers who take part in the Bible study who are not part of our church). Right now, they're studying Acts.


Katie said...

Arthur, I'd 2nd Alan's suggestion. Not sure where/how you got connected to Washer's stuff. He's a passionate man and preacher, but from what I've seen of that that book, it's merely reading scripture and filling in blanks. I'd say, save the money and go with the gospel of John.

Seth said...

Arthur, I'd 2nd Alan's suggestion. Washer is a passionate man and preacher, but his book is merely reading scripture and filling in the blank (from what I've seen). I'd go strait for the gospel of John.

James said...

I like the One True God study. There is also another study in the series called The Nature of Man I think.

Scripture sounds like the best idea.

Bean said...

Well I started to print out the study guide, it is very long, I had printed our an inch thickness of paper and it was still printing, I cancelled the print job.
I like the way the chapters are organized, I like the questions, and "work book" approach. I did a study a number of years ago that was structured in a similar manner, it kept the group organized and focused on the topic at hand.
The only drawback with using a workbook is that it tends to put a damper on discussion.

My 2 cents worth,


Arthur Sido said...

Thanks for the feedback all. I certainly think that studying straight from Scripture is a great idea. I will say that there is value in a topical study as well that draws from sources across the entire Scriptures. I guess I need to get a feel for who is interested and where they are before making a decision.

Bean, the workbook is a free download which is nice. I probably wouldn't give the participants a copy, just use it for my own purposes as a guide to discussion.

James said...

Aha! You'd be a pseudo Paul Washer in Arthur Sido disguise!