Monday, June 06, 2011

Raising homeschooled kids to be on mission

Very interesting post today from Wes on Missional Homeschooling. It can seem to me that it becomes easy to get so caught up in the reasons why we homeschool and figuring out how to homeschool that we miss the "big picture". What is the end result? The goal is not kids that are homeschooled, it is to homeschool our kids as part of making disciples who will be on mission to make disciples.

I was just talking with my older four kids about this last night, using Jesus washing the disciples feet as an example and making the point that we are called to proclaim the Gospel and serve others, not find ways to satisfy ourselves. As I wrote last week, we need to look beyond raising our kids to become good church members, even good homeschooling church members, and instead incorporate God's mission for His people into everything we do. Check out his post, I found it very thought provoking.

(HT: Alan Knox)

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