Monday, June 27, 2011

What did the early church fight about during business meetings?

Jon's Journey: Early Church Financial Statement Discovered

Check out the above link, this is an important archaeological discovery!


Unknown said...

Thanks for this Arthur. It's worth it just for the sight of 'Church buildings, zero'

Bethany W. said...


Our church just announced a multi-million dollar building project. I almost cried. Then, yesterday, Paul called the church office to ask for financial help... No funds available. So, we borrowed money from Becca's savings account to get gas to get to work...and I am putting the toddler in cloth diapers again. I think we are being initiated into the ways of big churches. Ugh.

Arthur Sido said...

Bethany, your story is very much not funny. There is no Scriptural support on either end, either for multi-million dollar building projects or for makign excuses to not help a Christian family in need. There are similar problems in churches of all sizes but the bigger a church gets, the more self-preservation of the institution seems to take priority. The notion is that if you aren't growing you are dying and the only way to keep growing is to keep adding. The "church" gets bigger and better and the actual church suffers at the same time. It makes me want to drive to MO to rebuke the leadership.

Bethany W. said...

You would not believe the hoops you have to jump through to actually get an appointment to see a pastor.

Arthur Sido said...

Bethany I think I just blew a few blood vessels.

Arthur Sido said...

Let me say this. if yohave to jump through hoops to see this guy, he isn't a pastor in any Biblical sense of the word. Being a administrator who sermonzies once or twice a week doesn't make you a pastor.

Aussie John said...


After reading Bethany"s reply I can't write what I was thinking. In all my years as a pastor I battled the wickedness she speaks of.

A member of the congregation, whom I had the privilege of leading to Christ, came to the church for help to repair his car. His wife was blind, he had chronic illness.

He needed $130 dollars. The church refused. My wife and I gave him the needed amount, but as from the church. The deacons castigated us for letting the needy ones think the money came from the church.

Arthur Sido said...


The scene that Bethany described is repeated over and over in churches all across America (and probably Europe, Australia, etc.). We cherish our buildings and our little fiefdoms more than we love one another.

Bethany W. said...

Good news, Arthur,
A brother in Christ called this morning with a proposal. He offered me $500 if I promise not to sell my piano (which I had posted on Craigslist for $650). We accepted his offer as a gift from God! Thank you for any prayers you and others have offered on our account.