Thursday, June 02, 2011

Where did they go?

Alan has an interesting post looking at the book of Acts, specifically chapters 6-9. In The Disappearance of the Twelve in Acts 6-9 Alan is looking at some of the implications of these chapters where the apostles seem to take a backseat:

What can we make from this section in Acts where the Apostles (the Twelve) seem to disappear from the scene (or at least slide into the background)? For me, this shows the importance of the service of everyone in the church. God did not only work through the Apostles. Instead, God worked through the whole church, and as a result, the word of God increase and the church multiplied.
I think it is an interesting post. The very name of the book "The Acts of the Apostles" implies a focus on the leaders of the early church but there is a lot more going on than just a running commentary on what Peter and Paul were going, what they said, what they ate for lunch, etc. Give it a read and jump in the conversation, I think the implications have some important lessons for the church today.

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