Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Two out of three

So my plan kind of fizzled for last Sunday. I went to the 9 AM meeting at a local Mennonite church and then drove over to the simple church group we normally meet with. We had a combo baptism/potluck/surprise birthday party so we were there for quite a while. In the afternoon I drove into Ohio to a church meeting at 6 PM but they had cancelled the evening service because they had done something in the afternoon. So I tried for the trifecta but circumstances out of my control prevented it. I will try again next week!

Meanwhile, we have been taking our kids to the Vacation Bible School at the Mennonite church where I went yesterday. You may wonder. I am clearly not a huge fan of VBS so why take my kids there? Because even though I am not a VBS proponent, this is a great chance for my kids to meet other kids and for my wife and I to spend time with other Christians (plus get 6 of our 8 kids out of the house for a bit!).

I am seeking every opportunity I can to reach out to the church in my community. We cannot be a community of Christ if we don’t know the people of Christ in our community.

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Unknown said...

It's nearly midnight here. We've just had a total lunar eclipse. Good to know that life goes on as normal across the pond. The kind of connections you're making are so important.