Monday, June 13, 2011

Patience. So precious and so hard sometimes!

Bobby Auner, who blogs at Deconstructing Neverland has a great guest post today over at Alan's blog. His post, Guest Blogger: A simple post about simple church, speaks of his journey into a simpler form of church and it resonates with me and many others. I really liked what he has to say about patience with the process...

What I’ve been learning lately is to be patient while Christ builds His church. Relationships take time to form. Our part is just to trust in Him, take off our masks with one another and be real. That’s how maturity comes to the body. Letting the ugly and sickly parts of the body be tended to and cared for by the rest. It’s a mutual thing to keep one another on the straight and narrow. We just focus our hearts on Christ and help one another do the same. When we are all about Christ together, we are the best church a church can be, no matter our size.
That is excellent. We often get frustrated with the pace of change in the church and even, if I can be honest, a little angry sometimes at the stubbornness with which we cling to our cherished traditions. I am confident nevertheless that God is doing a subtle but powerful work in His church and that guys like Bobby are a part of that. What a blessing it has been to get to know him. If you haven't, check out his blog and be blessed. He writes many of the same things I do without the excessive wordiness and sarcasm!


Misplaced Honor said...


thanks for linking over and for all your encouraging words. I appreciate your wordiness and sarcasm, that's why you're one of my favorite bloggers! Keep em coming :)

Shaggy said...

I would agree to a point. I have been at local small OPC church since Oct. I have only been shown an interest by the pastor, and an elder. Their is one elder whom I have spoken with briefly during coffee time, and I have yet to meet his wife or children, and he has 6. The churches, it seems the reformed churches are dead and willing to just sit on the good news. They like coming to church and hearing, but that's it. There is a lack of love and caring by leadership. If leadership is not going to lead by example, why should the rest of the congregation. I have invited families over, because how will I get to know these members. but it's very frustrating when they (the church)leaves fellowship-ing to the monthly meal at church. You don't get to know people, know their burdens and know how to pray for them, at an hour meal time at a round table with other members sitting around.