Thursday, June 30, 2011

Budget priorities reveal heart priorities

A Pilgrim's Progress: Church Budgets and the Great Commission

True with people but also true with churches. Where does your budget focus? Is it on spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every tribe, nation, people, tongue? Is it on maintaining and operating the local church each Sunday. If your answer is the latter, does that disturb you? Check out Eric's post, good stuff.

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Becky said...

Thanks for providing a link to that post. I had major problems with one church we attended when a widow's house burned down several weeks before Christmas. The church asked everyone to donate things/money to this lady, but the collection box was sorely lacking in contributions. Shortly after this, but while they were still accepting donations for the widow, one of the elders steped up one evening and announced to everyone that because of how greatful we were for the fine job our pastor was doing, they were going to increase his Christmas bonus. He would now get $1,000 for each memeber of his family as his Christmas bonus. They had their third child earlier that year, so he recived a tidy $5,000 that year - you know, in addition to his salary, payment on his house, the insurance coverage, and gas expenditure. In my opinion the money should have gone to the widow who lost her house.