Monday, May 09, 2011

Sunday report

While my back was still acting up, I did make it to the simple gathering in our area for the meeting. I can’t say it was super comfortable sitting in a folding chair for over an hour but the fellowship was wonderful.

We had several new people or at least people I hadn’t met before. As usual the meeting was pretty much wide open to participation. Along with multiple prayers, some of a general nature and some more specific prayer needs brought before the group, and lots of singing, we also dove into the Scriptures.

One brother shared a section of John 6 that he had read that week and how that particular passage really struck him. When he was done, I offered some thoughts on the passage, especially John 6:28-29. Nothing scripted but I find the verses where Jesus is asked, what are the works of God that we must be doing and Jesus answers them “believe” to be fascinating. What a nonsensical response that must have seemed to people who like rules and lists! A couple more people shared some thoughts on the passage and what was interesting is that different parts of the Scripture that was read were emphasized for different people. Instead of getting one man’s perspective on the passage while we take notes, anyone was welcome to offer some thoughts or ask additional questions. I think there is far more edification taking place when the whole Body dives into a passage of Scripture.

Good times, great fellowship, wonderful people!

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