Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Help me out here

I got an email with the following subject line:

Patriots: Honor God with "God Bless America" T-Shirt

They are hawking a “God Bless America” T-shirt (to the exclusion of other nations I assume). How exactly is buying and wearing this particular T-shirt going to honor God? If someone living in Iran wears a “God Bless Iran” T-shirt, is he also honoring God? What about "God Bless Liechtenstein"?


Lew Ayotte said...

Where can I get one of these "God Bless Liechtenstine" shirts?


Les said...

Don't forget Lugash.

Fred Shope said...

How about a shirt that says, "God bless the people of every nation"?

Debbie said...

Yeah. Shouldn't it say "America, bless God" if it's to be honoring to Him?

(Though John wants one of those "God Bless Lichtenstein" shirts....)

Henry Neufeld said...

I want one of those "God bless Lichtenstein" shirts too!

Lichtenstein is exceptional -- exceptionally small!

Ur Man CD said...

Put me down for the Liechtenstein shirt as well. I'll have five for all me family - what a awesome name for a country. Surely God must have blessed that country. Surely.