Monday, May 16, 2011

What submission is not

This is a simply great post on what submission is not from The Resurgence:

10 Things Submission Is Not

This one is my favorite:

6. Stifling

When submissive women are portrayed as stunted or limited in their freedom, they are being lied about. Submission is a safe place of protection where we are able to express our gifts and creativity for the glory of God and benefit of our marriages.
This is something important to check out amidst all of the misleading and erroneous talk about submission that is out there.


Anonymous said...

To submit means to yield to the will of another. That means you have no free will. Hence, You are not free if you are a submissive. Maybe you don't think it is too bad if your master is nice, but you are still not free. I don't Sunderstand how you submissives say you have freedom or self-esteem. I guess sometimes it's fine to sit back and let someone else make decisions for your life-that way you cannot be blamed for any of your choices. You really have no say. But, don't you value freedom and free will? I sure do.

Tami Bechtel said...

To submit means to yield to the will of another. That means a submissive has no free will. Hence, a submissive is not free. Submissives say it is not that bad if they have a nice master, but that is what he is-a master. Don't you value your freedom? Do you want to be someones slave? You submissives might like the fact that you do not make your on choices, that way you are never responsible if you make a wrong one-but wouldn't you rather be free to make your own choices? Doesn't freedom mean anything to you? it sure does to me.,

Arthur Sido said...


I count my "freedom" as nothing and my "self-esteem" as little more than pride. We all serve a master even if we don't admit it. I am already a slave, a bondservant of Jesus Christ and there is nothing that could be more joyful to me.

I would urge you, if you desire "freedom" you will only find it in joyful submission to Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

Submissive wives have freedom allright-the freedom to shut up, to yield to the will of your master/husband/head. And to do whatever he says. And, oh, treat him like god.

Tami said...

You are a man-so the god of the bible give you freedom. It does not give the same freedom to women. The bible wants women to be slaves of men. So, if you have given up your freedom, that is your choice. It is also a choice for women-either give up any freedom you have, or give up the bible. The bible is horrible to women, so I chose the second.