Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ah the media

Double standard much?

When a religious figure falsely predicts global calamity, the media trips over themselves covering it and giggling when it is proven false.

When the United Nations Environment Program predicts global calamity including 50 million "climate refugees" by 2010 and nothing of the sort happens, the media reaction?


Gee, why am I so jaded about the media?

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Bean said...

The media takes any opportunity to ridicule Christians, and although I don't agree with Harold Camping, the media are the ones responsible for bringing so much attention to his claim and in bringing so much attention brought so much ridicule. Yet when the secular prophets, such as Al Gore, or Paul Ehrlich predict global calamity, mass starvation, over population, etc. etc. the media place them on a pedestal, promote the false message and ridicule anyone who offers a counter argument.
We live in a crazy world, and a world that is becoming increasingly hostile towards Christians.

PS you mentioned in an earlier post that you are thinking of starting a bible study, I have wanted to join a bible study group for a long time.