Monday, May 23, 2011

A different perspective on the five points

Bobby Auner recently put together a nice series of post on the "Five Points of Calvinism". I thought the series was excellent and it is more than the usual "here is my list of proof texts to prove my point you stinkin' Arminian!" style that often accompanies such discussions. Bobby dug a little deeper into the five points. Here is his series...

Calvinism and God's eternal purpose: introduction...

Calvinism and God's eternal purpose: "T" is for treasure

Calvinism and God's eternal purpose: U is for unity

Calvinism and God's eternal purpose: "L" is for liberty

Part 5: "I" is for infatuated

Part 6: "P" is for plural

He kind of dropped part of the title on the last two. Just saying. Anyway, I am sure some of the self-appointed guardians of what is or is not Reformed would quibble about some of what he wrote but no one really cares what they think anyway! Check out his series, whether you are a Calvinist or not (or agree with Calvinism and reject the label as many people are starting to do). Hopefully it will give you a different perspective on Calvinism and show that you can hold to the Five Points without a lot of the traditions that come along with the Reformed theology culture.

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