Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A need for prayer

I received news this morning that the new pastor of Indian River Baptist Church in Indian River, Michigan went home to Christ late last night following an accident. He was scheduled to be installed as the new pastor of IRBC this upcoming Sunday. My family attended Indian River Baptist when my friend Josh Gelatt was still the pastor there during a very difficult time for us as a family and were loved by the people there. I am certain that they are surrounding the family in this time of heartache. Please be in prayer for the Rapa family and for our brothers and sisters in Indian River, Michigan who will be called on to minister to that family in this time.

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Debbie said...

We will be praying for them.

It's been a rough month! Our next-door neighbor died suddenly on Tuesday. Please pray for the Burns family, too. And John got a call that his best friend from college died on May 9th - also completely unexpectedly - so the Kline family needs prayer, too. (Their children are 20,18,and 15 years old.) Thanks.