Thursday, April 14, 2011

Knowing and serving go together

When it comes to serving, one size does not fit all. - Raleigh Practical Christianity |

Very good reminder from Alan Knox. We need to know people in order to serve them!

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Don Litchfield said...

Good thoughts there! Reminds me of the five love languages. To truly love someone, we need to learn their love language and love them accordingly.
Another thought comes to mind: the difference between equality and equity. The dictionary probably gives a similar definition for the two, but I see a difference, especially as to how God deals with His children.
Equality: 5 people and a pizza - divide the pizza into 5 equal parts and each person gets their part. Everybody's happy, right?
Equity: 5 people and a pizza - divide the pizza into pieces that meet the true needs of each person. Now everyone is satisfied!
God does that: He gives us what we each need. He doesn't parce out, at times, what we think is "fair" or our "right" to have. He is much more loving than that!!!
Have a blessed day!