Friday, April 22, 2011

House Churches and Easter

USA Today has a large article on house church/simple churches and how they are celebrating Easter without the pageantry and performance: Christians celebrate 'simple' Easter. I love this part:
Sure, Easter is the big day when the church choirs are decked out, the banners are unfurled, the organ music rolls and the pastor delivers a powerhouse sermon.

"For us, it's Easter every day,"O'Hair counters. "We don't wait for once a year. We gather people of like mind who really believe they have gifts and callings. You don't have pastors and teachers who take over. The house church meeting is led by the Holy Spirit. Sing, teach, preach — you are free to do so."
Amen! Easter everyday!

More and more Christians are finding community outside of the confining walls of church buildings and that is not something to lament but to celebrate. I am looking forward to spending this Sunday with other believers, both from our small local group and a group from further south. We are going to break bread, see a new believer baptized and share songs, prayers and Scripture with one another. What a marvelous blessing that will be!

(I found it interesting that they quoted uber-institutional pastor Kevin DeYoung for this article)

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