Saturday, April 09, 2011

Just wondering

Can someone point me to an example of a church in the New Testament hiring a pastor from outside of that local body, firing a pastor for a reason other than sin or a pastor leaving one congregation to move to a different one? The prevailing employer-employee relationship between a local church and the pastor ought to have some sort of example, command or precedent.

Shouldn't it?


Eric said...


As you know, you will not receive any sort of response that deals directly with what you are talking about (because of the lack of scriptural support).

Most folks who have no basis for their church practices simply ignore what they don't want to deal with.

If you do receive a response, it will go something like this, "Well, I don't see cars, HVAC, or internet in the bible, but you still use those things. Therefore, we all do things that aren't in the bible. Therefore, it's OK to hire a pastor."


Aussie John said...


I just couldn't help but chuckle to myself.

Steve Scott said...


Most churches, it seems, incorporate as non-profit entities, so the corporate stucture is easy to adapt. I think what you're looking for is in 3 Corinthians 10-12.

Aussie John said...


What a reasonable comment! What a reasonable question!

Eric sure knows what he is talking about, and is so right.

Frank said...

Somebody tell me why it is only the Pastor out of the fivefold ministry who gets to be the boss man. Why don't they appoint a salaried prophet as well.

Oh, I forgot, "hireling prophet" is an insult isn't it!

Arthur Sido said...

Yeah, I know. I wasted a bunch of time arguing with someone I don't even know on Facebook about this and it was completely fruitless.