Friday, April 01, 2011

It doesn’t matter which Half-God you pick

It is easy for people to like a Half-God.

Some people like the Half-God who is all retribution, all condemnation, all holiness and justice, the Half-God who judges the nations and elects some to salvation while passing over others. A Half-God who is all wrath and begrudging mercy.

Some people like the Half-God who is all about mercy, who calls us to love the poor, who weeps over Jerusalem and hangs out with lepers and sinners. A Half-God who is all mercy and that just doesn’t have the heart to condemn anyone.

We don’t have the option of loving a Half-God. A Half-God is no God at all. Our God is a very complete God who is infinitely complex, a God who is both unfathomably transcendent and yet who dwelt among us. A God who is King of Kings and Lord of Lords and yet is also The Lamb Who Was Slain. A whole God, a God who commands His people to proclaim the Gospel of repentance of sin to all nations, a Gospel that describes hell in no uncertain terms but also the richness of the ministry of reconciliation.

A Half-God may be easier to understand and more convenient but it takes a whole God to be holy and merciful, loving and just, a Lion and a Lamb.

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