Saturday, February 02, 2008

Not looking good for Mitt

Despite the sniffing and hand-wringing by National Review and Rush Limbaugh (is he still on the air?), it is not looking good for Mitt Romney with Super Tuesday three days away... According to the latest Real Clear Politics polls, Romney is not ahead in any of the Super Tuesday states. If he gets swept in every state on Super Tuesday (except his home state of Massachusetts ), where does he go from there? I guess he can keep pouring his seemingly endless personal fortune into a failed campaign, but after all he touts himself as being a businessman so he must come to the point where he realizes it ain't gonna happen and drops out.

Huckabee is also looking like he is at the end of the line, but at least he still has a shot to be on the ticket. His support through Tuesday from social conservatives will sink Mitt in the South.

Adding to the fun is this insane comment from formerly relevant, alleged conservative Ann Coulter saying she would both vote and campaign for Hillary Clinton if John McCain is the nominee....

Huh. So all of a sudden, opposition to torturing people is a leftist position. Last time I checked, John McCain knows a little more about torture than Ann Coulter, inflicted on him while doing more to defend freedom than Coulter has even dreamed about.

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