Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Founders Ministries Blog: The Renaissance World--an online class for Middle Schoolers

Now here is a great idea! Tom Ascol at Founder's Ministries is announcing a pilot online course for middle-schoolers, "The Renaissance World" . I think this is a fantastic idea! What a great use of the internet, accessing the expertise of another, qualified, like-minded individual to broaden the education of our kids. I already fired off an email to get more information!

If there is an opportunity for the homeschool movement, it is this: one of the great strengths of the homeschool movement is it's tendency to fierce independence, but that is also a potential weakness. There are so many people with a broad range of talents, education and experience in the homeschool community, but they rarely interact. We tend to end up in like enclaves, but with the high speed internet access we currently enjoy there is no reason we shouldn't seek out ways to share the experiences and backgrounds that make us so unique. Thank you to Founders Ministries for at least trying something new!

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Carla Rolfe said...

I've sent an email for more information as well.

This is simply a brilliant idea. I wish more gifted homeschool teachers would offer classes like this.