Friday, February 01, 2008

Great post on Romney

Joe Carter at the evangelical outpost, an ardent Huckabee supporter, has a great post on why he doesn't support Romney. There is a sense in which some people modify their position over the years, but with Romney it is a pattern of changing seemingly at a whim. An editorial in The Wall Street Journal argues that it is not because Romney is a flip-flopper but that the he lacks any real convictions and thus his positions are suspect and subject to change at any time. Whatever the reason, Romney is untrustworthy to be the sort of President he claims he would be on the campaign trail.

(For some real fun, check out the breathless defense of Romney in comment number 5 by a guy named Baggi. He argues that it is the conservative position to nominate pro-abortion judges and that claiming to be a lifelong hunter when Romney never really hunted is not a flip-flop. Funny stuff!)

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