Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Meet Federson!

Federson is the orphan we are sponsoring as a family through the Haiti Orphan Project. Not sure how old he is, I am guessing 8 or 9? We are getting more information on him soon! What a wonderful opportunity to help a child and know that 100% of my monthly donation goes right to caring for orphans, rather than overhead costs.

Haiti is full of kids like Federson, orphans and abandoned children who need just a small amount each month to provide basic care. Click here to learn more about sponsoring a orphan in Haiti. If you heart is burdened for some other nation like Cambodia or Chad or Rwanda or the Philippines, check out The Global Orphan Project. They have a similar 100% commitment to putting all donations to work for orphans rather than overhead and administrative expenses.

I have a hard time looking at this picture of Federson, a child who has such a need in a country that simply has nothing in place to care for him. It really tears at my heart. Can you spare $50 a month or more? Can you even spare $20 for a one time donation? I promise you will not find a ministry where you will get more impact for your donation that these groups.

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