Friday, March 09, 2012

Irony Alert!

Yesterday on the webpage of wolf in sheep's clothing Glenn Beck we find this headline:

The most biblically hostile President of all time?

Many Christians are saying "Amen!" in response to this post from an unbelieving blasphemer. Here is the uncomfortable truth. Nothing Barack Obama has said or done, as President or before, can hold a candle to the "biblically hostile" doctrines being spread by Glenn Beck's "church" each and every Sunday.
Wake up people. An unbeliever who is part of a polytheistic pagan religion but holds some similar political views is not someone we should look to for guidance on....well on pretty much any topic.


Jeremy Lee said...

Not to take away anything from what you said, but to be fair the list originally came from Dave Barton, who I believe is an evangelical Christian.

Arthur Sido said...

Jeremy, I saw that it came from Barton and while he certainly claims to profess Christ he also spends a lot of time yoked with an unbeliever and blasphemer in a quest to convince Christians that America is a uniquely Christian nation. The fact that he is an evangelical makes his cooperation with a wold and a deceiver even more troubling.