Thursday, March 08, 2012

Business lessons from the church

It is not a healthy sign when you read this article in the Wall Street Journal: What Big Business Can Learn From God. From the article:

If we wonder why religions continue to dominate the inner life of man, we should look not only at their ideas, but also at their organization. They have about them a level of discipline and managerial genius which any CEO should envy. Atheists can often be heard complaining that it’s high time religion disappeared off the scene, to give way to an era of reason and logic. The problem is, they are assuming that religions are just a group of arguments about creation, rather than – as is the case – huge entities that are involved in education, fashion, music, architecture, travel, media and childraising. In other words, if you want to take on religions, you have to acknowledge that writing a book – which atheists often do – is not going to change anything.

I can hardly think of a more stinging indictment. If we are known as much, or perhaps more, for our organization and "managerial genius" as we are for our love for one another and our fellow man, something might be off-kilter.

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something "might" be off-kilter...