Friday, March 23, 2012

How Much Do You Spend A Month On Snacks?

If you are like me, the number is probably pretty substantial. Coffee from Starbucks, snacks from a vending machine, fast food drive-thru, convenience foods that cost ten times as much as a prepared meal. On and on. I am pretty frugal in some ways but we have a lot of expenditures each month that are really unnecessary. I like to go to Wendy's for dinner after volunteering at the pregnancy resource center. My wife and I have breakfast virtually every Saturday at our local greasy spoon and for what we spend there (way less than $20) we could have a very nice breakfast for the whole family. So even though it seems like money is tight, in reality I have a lot of disposable income. Plus I am getting a raise starting in April, not a huge one but a raise regardless.

So this morning I signed up to sponsor a Haitian orphan at Village de Vie through the Haiti Orphan Project for $50/month. That is not a lot of money and because I personally know and trust the brothers and sisters who administer the Haiti Orphan Project I am confident that this money is going right where it needsto go to care for an orphan. So what does this money provide?


•Nutritious Food


•A Full Time Caregiver (house “mama”)

•Quality Education

•School Supplies


•Medical Care

That seems like a lot for $50 but money goes a lot further in Haiti than it does in America!

The point is not to wag a finger or guilt you into something, just to think. We all know we spend lots of money on stuff we don't need. How many of us really need a personal smartphone so we can access the Internet in the doctor's office or play Angry Birds while waiting on a red light? I can look at the personal spending of anyone and find something "unnecessary" or frivolous. That isn't my intent. I feel compelled to give out of love, as an act of worship, not an obligation, . God loves a cheerful giver, not a guilty giver. When we give for the work of the Kingdom I am sure we please God and that a generous gift from a cheerful heart, given in love, is received as a sweet aroma to God, not to make us right with Him but as an act of worship from a regenerate heart. $50 makes an enormous difference in the life of an orphan in a country where driving through Starbucks to get a $2 coffee is not even an option. If not Haiti, please consider where else you can worship God through giving but I certainly would encourage you to consider this cause as a great way to get the maximum "bang for your buck".

Check out the "Frequently Asked Questions" for more information!

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John Mureiko said...

Thanks for reminding me of this, as I type on my smartphone. I want every aspect of my life to reflect God's mission and purpose.